Welcome to Hillcrest Business Services

HBS has over 30 years’ experience providing candidates with the tools to win job interviews. Resume preparation is our core business and is founded on the principle that close collaboration with a professional writer is the best path to a successful resume. Each resume is a unique document designed to present a specific skill set by strategically highlighting strengths while quantifying accomplishments at each position. We also provide instruction on customizing the resume to match specific opportunities. We are experts at solving “problem” resumes, including individuals with challenging work histories, employment gaps.

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The writing process begins with an initial consultation to gather background information and discuss career objectives. An old resume often serves as the starting point and is helpful in streamlining the process. In the case of a civil servant resume, please provide all evaluations, training records, awards, and a history of assignments. Electronic copies of documentation are preferred if available. Working from this base, our writer translates your work experience into quantified accomplishments and core competencies relevant to your career objective.

These are presented in the form of a resume draft, where any amendments, changes or corrections are made. Printing and delivery of the final resume is then completed, along with cover letters and reference pages. Documents can be edited to target specific opportunities. Deliverables include an electronic file backup.

The entire project is normally completed in two meetings which is done by phone/video conference and/or email.

  • Free initial telephone consultation with the writer.
  • Follow-up telephone call to schedule online meeting and arrange payment.
  • Interview Topics:
    − Review of career goals and current situation
    − Scope of services:  Resume / Cover Letter / References / Job Search, etc.
    − Critique of current resume
    − Collection of relevant documentation
  • Electronic delivery of resume draft (PDF via E-mail).
  • Telephone consultation / Edits and Revision.
  • Delivery of resume final and related products.